• MixelRemix246

    My favorite cartoons I like the most is Pokémon, Mixels, and Cuphead (I know it's a game but the animation and art style counts a bit.) And I thought to myself "Let's do something with these 3!" Until a good idea jumped out of nowhere. 


    But, I have no idea what should I call the crossover series. That's where you come up with one.

    Next Blog: The characters of the crossover series

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  • MixelRemix246

    WAIT WHUT?!?!?

    December 17, 2017 by MixelRemix246

    Looks at his profile 

    I dunno who did this but this is the best thing that has ever happened!

    I'm officially a bureaucrat and an admin!!

    I could just backflips in certain places

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  • MixelRemix246

    I wonder

    December 16, 2017 by MixelRemix246

    I wonder when will I be a bureaucrat in this wiki. I mean I'm mow #7 so I'm now in the top 10. 

    When will I do that?

    Do I need to wait?

    Should I earn more badges?

    Am I not yet worthy?

    What should I do?

    Yo, so many questions!!!!

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  • MixelRemix246

    I do have classmates that nearly matched users I know in this wiki. Here we go

    Aps: I have a classmate that likes memes so much, most likely to curse, crazy, and doesn't like being an idiot. My classmate hates me for the same reason(?)

    Mixing: Somebody also likes memes but unlike Aps, my classmate is slightly kind.

    LFF: My classmate is a friend of mine and we do lots of fanfics from Pokémon

    Kappa: Since Kappa's the #1 user in this wiki (in this timeline), I have a class president which talks like Kappa but rarely.

    Anybody else?

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  • Aps17


    December 16, 2017 by Aps17

    After a few minutes of research...

    I FINALLY discovered how to mod/re-texture/repaint Undertale...

    Why is this important?

    Because I've been trying to figure out how to mod Undertale for AGES...


    Let's just hope I don't run into any problems...

    I guess...

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  • KappaDash

    Characters but as cats

    December 15, 2017 by KappaDash
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  • Aps17

    Aps' stupid thoughts

    December 15, 2017 by Aps17

    What does it feel like to be a woman

    What does it feel like to be the first living being ever

    How does it feel to yigg? (probably really really hot and pleas-)

    How does it feel die of drugs?

    What does it feel like to be a woman who finds certain men attractive

    How does it feel like to be part of the SiIvagunner team

    What if the Ernie Gang took down the FCC

    How does it feel to be yigged by a man

    Who wants to join the Ernie Gang???

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  • Aps17

    It's official...

    December 14, 2017 by Aps17

    Net Netutrality is dead...

    We lost...

    No more free Tippy RPs...

    No more free memes...

    No more free anything...


    All hope is not lost...

    There are still protesters...

    The internet is angry...

    Everyone in the US is enraged...

    And with all of that power, we could win, even though we lost the vote...

    But what do I know? Maybe it won't help... maybe it will... only time will tell...

    So for now, stat determined

    Sincerely, Aps17

    P.S I love you all, no homo

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  • Aps17

    Net Neutrality

    December 14, 2017 by Aps17



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  • KappaDash

    Since netflix might be no longer accessible in high quality, that might mean we have to buy CDs and DVDs instead of using netflix or itunes


    SInce amazon might cost more.



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  • KappaDash


    December 14, 2017 by KappaDash

    Imagine trying to go on Wikia and it takes soooooooooooooooo long.










    Imagine you're watching a sick movie and right at the good part its B U F F E R I N G.

    This is real.

    This actually might happen this year, in 2017/18.

    I'm being serious.

    We have UNDER 24 HOURS left to save #NetNeutrality!

    Call congress: 202-759-7766

    Text RESIST to 50409


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  • Aps17

    Doki Doki Literature Club

    December 13, 2017 by Aps17

    Monika is Green De La Bean

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  • Aps17


    December 13, 2017 by Aps17

    Net netutrality

    Judgement day

    The day the internet could die

    How would you like it if you had to pay money to just read some steamy David Bowie fanfic?

    Or see the newest RWBY episode?

    Or listen to SiIvagunners High Quality Rips?

    Or worse...

    Pay do a Tippy RP?

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  • Mixingitall

    In the comments, say you want to get challenged. Others will have to show you photos, videos, etc. and try to make you do something.

    One user says "Try to make me blush!". The other players must show them things to make them blush until they finally break.

    Have fun!

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  • Aps17

    ernie gang

    December 10, 2017 by Aps17

    Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang Ernie Gang E…

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  • Aps17


    You know, after that situation ended... I still feel as if a few people STILL don't friccin understand how I feel/am...

    It's just that I feel powerless whenever there's a situation that mainly targets me. Cuz people like "uwjwkwhpqpd" just start cussing me out and making me seem like a total d**chebad, which tbh isn't my fault. It stems from the fact that it feels like I'm forced to act like one, not to mention that life for me is pretty hard (and I somehow get through it.) First off, I'm senstive, second some things stress me out, and three, a completely stupid situation and a few people are taking it as if it were an "international threat/problem that MUST be resolved immediately". At least a few people act calm in the situation an…

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  • Aps17

    brown bricks

    December 9, 2017 by Aps17

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  • Mixingitall

    1. Jamillot. The ship name for Jamzy and Camillot. OTP. Used in conversation with Alphys.

    2. Mixsona. First used it in a conversation with PnWB12. Haven't seen it until after. Stemmed from "Mixona"

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  • Meltus88

    this wiki seems to be more active than the mixels.wikia so i'll do the requests here, too, just in case.


    1. no cosplay. i'm terribly bad at drawing cosplay stuff.

    2. OCs/mix-sonas are okay. i'll accept those.

    3. you can request as many times as you want but i won't draw the same character more than once.

    as far as i know, that's all i need to list right now but, you know...something might come up.

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  • MixelRemix246

    It's been a week or more since my fan-stories of Mixels was here, and I would want to know what's everyone's reaction to my creation.

    Here's what you should do:

    Comment and follow the format:

    Story: [Insert the title of the story from my fan-stories of Mixels]

    Reaction: [What was your reaction?]

    Favorite Part: [The favorite part of the story you're reading]

    Rating: [1-5 *any object except negative ones*]


    It's okay to talk something unnecessary

    You can explain more reactions to more stories

    If you can't find them, go to my userpage.

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  • Aps17

    Brickstar (Brown Bricks)

    Spaceman (Space Jam)

    SiIva Oddity (SiIvagunner gunner, duh)

    Beans on Mars (Get beaned)

    Grand Girl (Grand Dad)

    Crankin' in the street (Soulja Boy)

    Modern Guy (Family Guy and yes, that's a siivagunner meme, kinda...idk)

    Robbie rottendust (We are number one)

    Wood People (Woodman >:] )

    Rental Dogs (Mr. Rental)

    Modern Halation (Snow Halation not to mention this is another Modern city joke thing idk)

    Profit to profit (President Haltmann)

    Het Het (rebel rebel/ het)

    Loud City (Loud N**ra)

    Let's Haunt (The 8-bit beasts haunted house)

    I'm not sorry, Mixing

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  • Lil' Freddy Fazbear

    Onion Bubs looked into your [EYE COLOR] eyes, and said I love you.

    You said: Me?

    Onion Bubs said: No. I was looking at Onion Marzipan. There is no Onion Homestar, so I can love Onion Marzipan.


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  • Aps17

    A long time ago...

    Long before the Tippy...

    Long before...idk... Protegent?


    Their was a planet...

    A planet with a city

    A city that had powerful technology...

    They knew about this "Christmas" holiday after studying Earth...

    And they celebrated it...

    It was a time of joy...



    But not for AK Bonnie, who hated Christmas and everything about it...

    No one knew why AK hated Christmas...

    But whatever the reason was, AK began to do something terrible...

    He/she would come to the city every December and terrorize the festive folks...

    The things AK did were unspeakable...

    All day and night, destruction roamed throughout the city...

    The civilians could do nothing to stop him/her from committing such crime

    But once new year came along, he would go b…

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  • Aps17

    50-50 challenge

    December 1, 2017 by Aps17


    just comment down below with two links, each of which containing a video or picture

    please do not link anything inappropriate

    now start

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  • MixelRemix246

    I had to do something for me to attract people from reading them. And hopefully have great results.

    Any ideas guys, like advertisements, shares, anything that will help.

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  • MixelRemix246

    I did it!

    December 1, 2017 by MixelRemix246

    I transfered all of my stories and LFF's scripts to my user page. All thanks to Mixing and LFF suggesting me to do this.

    Now the Fan Stories of Mixels made by me is opened.

    Enjoy the creation I made!

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  • Aps17

    Basically some RP fanfic thing that has to do with Christmas, and the first part is coming...tomorrow...

    It's about an alien city that has been threatened by an evil being for many years who goes by the name "AK Bonnie". (Not a Fnaf reference)

    The only people who can stop him/her is none other than a small cube thing (who's name is Charlie) that has been chosen to find and kill the villainous being, but it won't be easy...He'll meet allies such as Woodman, Frisk and some other people...but there will always be foes that will try to stop him and his friends...







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  • Aps17


    November 30, 2017 by Aps17

    I currently hate modern life right now least modern life on this wiki...

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  • MixelRemix246

    Recently at the old Mixels wiki, I forgot the fan-made stories I made in the message wall from LFF's edits. I remember that I made a lot of stories about mixels and LFF scripts some of my stories for a entertaining reason. And I thought to myself, "What if I make more of this?". I just want to, I want to return my past. Unfortunately all of my fan stories is in the Mixels wiki and I dont know how to transfer them here. Is it possible?

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  • Lil' Freddy Fazbear

    I got the 25,000th edit.


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  • Aps17

    Hello, chaps, I am The Voice, and as may know, nowadays life has been getting harder and harder on all of us. It's been a constant struggle that has caused anger and hatred to grow amongst the people such as Aps and Mixing... Whatever happened to Potato Man? Toriel? Crow? Clippy? Nora? Cinder? Onion Bubs? That dodo guy that I can't remember the name of? What ever happened to there ever being conversations that didn't always involve violence and drama amongst the community? I can explain...

    Our main coperate is the ugly zit known as OG Frank, who is a dastardly villian that is bent on causing chaos to the entire universe. He has never been a likable villian, or fair for that matter. He gives you that urge to just punch your computer screen b…

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  • MixelRemix246

    Out of ideas 2

    November 30, 2017 by MixelRemix246

    Looking back at the disappointment of myself and Aps starting to know the answer of all this. I see regret for life in this wiki. I don't understand myself anymore. I feel like I want to know this answer too, but unlike Aps I wasn't mad. But the real question to this is that I want to answer what I should do to this wiki, just only one purpose that I can always do. What is my purpose or should I say, speciality?......... Heck I feel like onions on my face.


    Any trends today guys? 

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  • Gobbol943

    New names for my channel.

    November 29, 2017 by Gobbol943

    As many would know, I have a YouTube channel.

    But I'm thinking on changing my channel name.

    I want you guys to vote in the comments to vote on my new name for my channel.

    REASON: Gobbling Gobbol makes my channels feel like I'm a turkey.

    BONUS UPDATE: I'm doing an Unboxing Video on Christmas Day, Be sure not to miss it!

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  • Aps17

    A small group of aliens gather around a table to discuss something important.

    ????????: EVERYONE, LISTEN UP!

    ????????: I, Kingador, have recently found out that this "alien" freak has been killing everyone on this planet ever since the day his spaceship crashed... AND WE NEED TO STOP HIM BEFORE HE KILLS EVERY PERSON ON THIS PLANET!

    ??????: But what about the Chalpi-


    Eyerin: Okay

    ????: Doesn't situation this remind anyone about that game called cavetale? Understory? (dang it what was that game called again?! Oh yeah! Undertale) I mean, Undertale? Like, when you go on a genocide run?

    Kingador: Oh, this is more than just a's a full out extermination...

    ????: So it'…

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  • Gobbol943

    Hey Guys.

    November 27, 2017 by Gobbol943

    Has anyone subbed to my YouTube channel yet?

    I got 3 videos uploaded, One of them is a glitch I discovered!

    So far I got 18 subscribers

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  • MixelRemix246

    I ran out of ideas...

    November 26, 2017 by MixelRemix246

    I'm tryin to entertain myself from this wiki and something does not feel right. Ideas are running out. The reason for this is because Aps removed one of my blogs. The more Aps does this, the more riskful my decisions are. I believe there are 7+ blogs removed by Aps. And I'm stressful and hard to make decisions.

    If this blog gets removed my Aps...

    • sob* I DUNNO WHAT TO DO!!!!!!! I CAN'T LIVE TO BE A GOOD USER!!!!! I CAN'T 10X!!!!!!
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  • Aps17

    Name an Iconic duo

    November 24, 2017 by Aps17


    Just name as much iconic duos as you want...

    I guess...

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  • Aps17

    How to be like Scott the D*ck

    November 23, 2017 by Aps17

    1. Be a D*ck

    2. Be called a D*ck

    3. Hate everyone, even your friends

    4. Hate on two people SPECIFICALLY

    5. Hate almost everything (except Kraft Dinner)

    6. Continue to be a D*ck

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  • KappaDash

    1. Watch anime

    2. Watch the popular adult cartoons

    3. Be female straight but kinda have a crush on a female animated character

    4. Believe that Autism is a 1 in 1500 disorder and that 2 personality disorder is WAYYYYY more common

    5. Be an overachiever

    6. Have a REALLY NICE mom

    7. Be a Christian

    8. Play weird video games

    9. Watch old videos

    10. Play Overwatch

    11. Listen to imagine dragons

    12. Has a

    13. Has a wattpad

    14. Have an Xbox

    15. Play forza

    16. Be good at math

    17. 3D animate

    18. Has friends from many different places

    19. Tells Tippy to some of those friends


    21. Like anime and animation WAY MORE than live action

    22. Hate disney

    23. Like the really old disney content only


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  • Aps17

    Chicken Run

    November 23, 2017 by Aps17

    You're screwed up in the brain, Mixing

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  • Aps17

    I'm active everyday (Because I reall really really really really really really really really really really really need to earn that 365 day badge, I swear, once I get it, I'll truly be satisfied)

    I have the most edits out everyone on this entire wiki

    I classify myself as "really good at acting stupid so I can irk/mess with people even though I'm really smart"

    I change my profile pic too often

    I was the first person to upload an image on this wiki

    I have 9 "Lucky Edit" badges

    Everyone knows I hate Zootopia.

    I personally don't like MOST 2009 memes

    I find ALL celebrities NOT hot...lmao

    I find Toriel to be EXTREMELY HOT

    I really wåñńå ýīff/makeout with her... and I want a body pillow of Toriel...

    I get a lot of Deja Vu's...even on wikia...which makes me …

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  • Aps17

    Minindors creature logs 1

    November 22, 2017 by Aps17

    BoaBo's are large birds that have extremely long legs and mostly feed off of insects and fruits. Boabo's have been known to attack anyone that dare harm their babies.

    Crockatay are small creatures that look like a combination of a Xenomorph, a Chupacabra, and a Hyena. They are merciless little creatures that latch onto anyone's face shred it to bits. They will usually eat, not to mention that they are extremely fast. They will feed off of any living being, except plants, because they don't have meat, like Aps, well, kinda...

    Cellex are small aquatic beings that look like rods...transparent...rods...

    The only bad thing about these creatures is that if they get in someones brain, they'll start chomping it down.

    Lilon are creatures that look simi…

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  • Mixingitall


    November 22, 2017 by Mixingitall

    Comment "hail bowie" if you want me to watch this Blackstar conspiracy video while simultaneously reading the comments section.

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  • Aps17

    AU ideas

    November 22, 2017 by Aps17

    An AU where ever character is weak, even the villains...

    An AU where the RP is on a low budget



    An AU that takes place during the 1800s...for some reason

    An AU where every character screams out every word they say

    An AU where everyone's name starts with "the"

    An AU where...only a talking a rock and stick exist...and...theirs no one else... no good guys...just them...together...

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  • Aps17

    A MEGA announcement

    November 21, 2017 by Aps17

    So recently, I got a Scratch account and the only thing I've made/finished/remixed is none other than...

    (drum roll)

    MAGGIELOVANIA (It's basically the battle where you fight Sans BUT I made it 10x better!)

    But in order to make you're gonna need to install Scratch on your computer, so it can function properly.

    The link to download Scratch is right here...

    Once you download Scratch, download the Maggielovania (The link below)

    After it's done installing, open it and have fun!

    (Stream it on YT...or's up to you)


    Z - go through text / confirm Arrow keys - Move and select Up arrow - hold to jump (Don't hold it while touching platforms or…

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  • Aps17

    Plan MM

    November 21, 2017 by Aps17

    Now that I have fully taken control Aps' account...I might aswell do the thing that I should've done 2 days ago...

    Delete his account...

    Why? Because I've learned that all the things he has done have made thsi place 10 times worse...his friends are stupid...this place is extremely low in quality and Tippy is by far the wors-

    Hey! Get out of my office! Stop! Gtgeshisksosapaalapalalakanankaakajajaa818jqhwwnka wh ww





    Allapaoaoai WhWestwick81u1




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  • Aps17

    please watch this video

    November 20, 2017 by Aps17


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  • Aps17

    Now, I've been going through Aps' profile page until I found some links to some wiki called "Tippy Wiki"... And so I clicked on it and what I saw was, well, "interesting" to say at least... and to be honest, who ever thought a paperclip and a goat would be a good pair? Also, why do they have a child named "Jadence"? I don't even wanna how the couple created him...eww...

    Also, I've seen of this "Franko" guy...and David Bowie....

    But they don't appeal that much interest to me...

    except that cube....

    They say that is ascends you into an "immortal god"... But I see it as more than just a super weapon, I see it as a piece of art AND a the cure to financial debt that I'm still recovering from...

    But the cube doesn't exist...

    Well, there goes my hopes …

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  • Lil' Freddy Fazbear

    1. Casually draw

    2. Stick up for Remix

    3. Have a fictional crush

    4. Enjoy puzzle games

    5. Hate first person shooters

    6. Dislike adult animation that relies on shock humor (Family Guy, i.e.) and like the Simpsons

    7. Be able to recall things from long long ago

    8. Also like old games (We're talking games on MS-DOS)

    9. Enjoy The Amazing World of Gumball (That show has the best writing of anything on Cartoon Network)

    10. Watch meme videos

    11. Like zootopia

    12. Have a kind family you love

    13. Be funny

    14. Like books


    15: DESPISE Rick and Morty (except for Mr. Poopybutthole he can stay)

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  • Aps17

    While I, the great Haltmann, was searching through some old threads from both Aps and other people, I found some interseting things about Aps17...

    1. He's a boy... I mean, that was pretty obvious...

    2. He hates Zootopia

    3. He likes South Park

    4. He likes Mixels

    5. He watches anime like Cory in the House, The Nutshack, Motu Patlu, Kraina Gryzbow TV, and my personal favorite, Woodmans adventures through Haltland featuring Peter Griffin and Lois Griffin!~ ooh wee-a!

    6. He might have a crush on an actual person...

    7. He plays Undertale, Spore, and... Minecraft...well, that brings back memories of when I made Inspector Gadget to stop The Voice Inside Your Head...ugh...

    8. He feels misunderstood most of the time...not to mention he feels as if "He were …

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