• Aps17

    Oh wait you don't need to scroll!

    Well... Click on the link-o!

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    New hatchling!

    March 20, 2018 by MasterCheifKelly

    as it hatched a female with cute eyes looked at mesmo she a little confused then looked at me "hello Melleney, my name is kelly i am very happy to meet you!" I said. "And i am mesmo, the wistastic welcome to the world!" Mesmo said the baby smiled westart smiling asthe little girl with brown hair looked happy.

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    Sakra: *looks at me* So Kelly, mixel land is very peaceful here, but i am wondering how is every infernite even doing?

    Me: Well they are doing fine sakra. They are just doing there ways.

    Sakra: *looks at the infernites* Hmm...

    Me: *looks at sakra* Is everything ok friend?

    Sakra: Maybe if i was so ninja like.

    Me: *looked confused* Umm... Excuse me?

    Sakra: Nevermine. Well about you egg kelly umm how do you even got it?

    Me: Well, *looks up* Mesmo and i are married and we got our egg for just the edcation.

    Sakra: Oh.

    Me: *grins* Maybe one of these days you'll get your start.

    Sakra: *looks down* Oh is that Chiyo?

    Me: Oh you mean one of my guardian friends, Yes.

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    Help Me!

    March 20, 2018 by MasterCheifKelly

    Help i been capuered by nixels and i am trap! Could somemixel save me please? anyone? SAVE ME!!!!!!!

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  • KappaDash


    March 20, 2018 by KappaDash

    Lately, rather than releasing the normal gas(not literal gas) (it's a smile), I have been releasing a special kind of gas (legs and chest trembling). I noticed this kind of gas is only on certain occasions when I'm SUPER HYPED. These are the causes working together:


    Nintendo Direct 3.8.18 (Octo Expansion, Undertale, and Smash Bros

    Hammertime's social media and SPECIAL EVENT WITH HER (TERTIARY CAUSE)


    My Hero Academia Season 3

    Weird enthusiasm to start watching Voltron (SECONDARY CAUSE)

    Unikitty merch

    Several new albums by X Ambassadors and Fall Out Boy

    BlazBlue CrossTag

    This gas comes out only when I see the cause(s) …

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    After a big day KwingHP the energentic theif bought a present and guess which mii he gave it too? My charater which she's a leader and a scientist! heres a photo and a story!

    KwingHp: I got you a present! Here take it, Take it!

    Kwing Gives a present to me

    KellyC.: Thanks!

    • opens and founds a platnium ring*

    KellyC.: How did...I'm...speachless.

    KellyC. is very amaised!

    KellyC. and KwingHP heart level up to 15 and learned to share!

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    I did gratuate at Ninjas land today and now i became a ninja!

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  • 71SpaRevolt

    Look who's back?

    March 18, 2018 by 71SpaRevolt

    It's Haltmann, imbeciles.

    -Max Profitt Haltmann President Haltmann

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  • Aps17

    Deez nuts x reader

    March 18, 2018 by Aps17

    You lying down on your comfortable bed, thinking about all of the things that happened today until your phone began to ring.

    You: Hello?

    Deez nuts man (DBM): Guess what came in the mail today?

    You: What?

    DBM: Deez nuts

    DBM then burst into laughter and hung up.

    You: ...

    You: my name Jeff

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  • Mixingitall

    Tippy Pantheon

    March 16, 2018 by Mixingitall

    Basically a masterlist/collection of every godlike form in Tippy, past, current, or future.

    • The Strongest Forms (Aps17, Mixing, LFF, and Kappa)
    • Guardian Angel (Jimi)
    • Ziggaea (TBA, opens the Pantheon)
    • Diamond Sky/Angle Tier (TBA)
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  • MixelRemix246

    TNAM Fanfic Trivia

    March 12, 2018 by MixelRemix246

    I'm intrested with my fanfics yet I don't feel like making more.

    So trivia it is then.

    This trivia tests your intrest and memory of the TNAM (The New Adventures of Mixels) fanfic.


    You will answer the question in this trivia blog by commenting the answer.

    The first to answer will be considered as the user correct and recieve 1pt for the user.

    There is no daily schedule about the trivia so you might need to come to this wiki every day/now and then.

    Every end of the month, there will be a scoreboard blog that determines the total points of the users. And the more points you earn, the higher your rank is. You will be "The TNAM Fan of The Month" if you rank 1st. Pretty cool eh?

    This episode of TNAOM is about a new tribe who has the ability to h…

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  • Aps17

    You lie on your bed, staring into Toriels big red eyes as she slowly began to take off your pants (or shorts)...

    And then you yigged her with passion and love...

    The end


    I almost forgot to add one more detail...

    She also gave the S U C C

    Okay now I'm done

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  • MixelRemix246

    Hello NTD (Nothing To Do), you're welcome to consume my life.

    What should we do with Striking 7x? 

    Is LFF ready for what we are supposed to do?

    I'm currently bored, and I feel like joining something in this wiki.

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  • Aps17


    March 10, 2018 by Aps17

    what if I created an MLS wiki Discord server?


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  • Aps17

    SiIvagunner Cringefest

    March 10, 2018 by Aps17

    now dicuss

    or not

    (this isn't gonna go anywhere... I mean, this idea was doomed from the start...)

    (find fanart or something idk)

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  • Meltus88


    March 9, 2018 by Meltus88

    maybe we should also start looking for Rocko's Modern Life screenshots...

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    on miitopia its my mii charaters birthday my charater has turned 19! other mii charaters including liberity joined my Super rad fun Birthday Party at my INN i just foiund Mii flain on miitopia let me tell you hes a popstar!

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  • Aps17


    March 3, 2018 by Aps17



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  • Aps17

    Alright listen up folks, since almost nobody participated in last nights Cringefest, maybe I could possibly lure you fricks into next fridays Cringefest.

    Now, I WOULD choose an obscure AND underrated theme, but seeing that if I were choose something like that, it would be kinda challenging just to ONE thing about it that's cringy (fanart, vines, fanfics, etc).

    So the theme for NEXT friday is none other than...


    Now I know what you're thinking...



    Okay I get it but it's not like theres gonna be Siivagunner cringe or so-



    SiIvagunner cringe...

    SiIvagunner cringefest...


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  • Mixingitall

    Theme: The Beatles.


    Welcome to our first Cringefest Friday! Submit anything cringeworthy as long as it fits the theme above. Afterwards, feel free to discuss your findings and maybe even learn something new.

    • Light NSFW themes are permitted, but not encouraged.
    • If you don't have any cringe, feel free to simply discuss.
    • If you have interesting information on the cringe, such as origin or purpose, *PLEASE* tell.
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  • Aps17


    March 2, 2018 by Aps17


    Since Net Neutrality is gonna get repealed or whatever and people are still fighting to protect it, ISPs (Verizon, AT&T, ETC) are gonna start throttling with your internet...


    Since Google Fiber is coming to my area and the fact that Google wants the net neutrality to be free doesn't that technically mean I'm safe or something?

    Cause if I am safe...



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  • Mixingitall

    Cringefest Fridays

    March 1, 2018 by Mixingitall

    Idea: Every Friday, we all gather around and share all the cringe we can find in a particular theme.

    Tomorrow will be the first Cringefest Friday, starting at 7:00 PM, EST!

    This Friday's theme: The Beatles!

    Edit: I actually got this idea from hearing the origin story of "Memory Hole". This college student and his friends would gather some VHS's from garage sales and stuff and share the weird stuff they find.

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    After a big photo i decide to join in so i did and so is my Mix a like Flairia its Mesmo and Flain Mix female but shes special Daughter who life is filled with magic-fire fireworks to impress other mixels but i got an ideal that i will impress

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  • Aps17

    Equals Three =3

    February 28, 2018 by Aps17

    What's happening forum?

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  • Mixingitall


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  • Aps17

    okay so it turns out that the Game Maker won't let me run the game...

    why is this bad?

    well first off

    A. I can't test the game

    B. That means ALL of the sprites I made are kinda useless now

    C. I will most likely need to start from scratch

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  • Aps17


    February 24, 2018 by Aps17


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  • Aps17


    February 23, 2018 by Aps17

    Ban all ships

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  • Aps17


    February 22, 2018 by Aps17

    Don't you friccin dare to wake me up until I say so...

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  • Mixingitall

    YouTube Copyright Heaven is when you can find most of certain thing without worrying about copyright issues.

    YouTube Copyright H*ll is when you have to scroll to the deep zone to find even one thing that isn't a clip or a cover or whatever. Sometimes a nice fellow will make a channel to post the original content for a while, before YouTube destroys them brutally.

    So, who's in YouTube Copyright Heaven and who's in YouTube Copyright H*ll?

    • David Bowie
    • Family Guy (for some ungodly reason)
    • Imagine Dragons
    • most hip hop one hit wonders
    • Simpsons
    • KOTH
    • Eastern Mind/Chu-Teng
    • Here Comes Pacman
    • Smile Guide
    • The Protegent Rap
    • Man's not hot

    • The Beatles
    • Jimi Hendrix
    • Spongebob
    • RWBY, if unwatermarked
    • Kanye West
    • Drake
    • Nutshack
    • South Park (on certain conditions)

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  • Gobbol943

    Tell me...

    February 21, 2018 by Gobbol943

    This is a VERY different blog.

    Tell me in the comments on what is the WORST cartoon you ever watched growing up to now.

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  • Gobbol943

    Lines for Season 4

    February 21, 2018 by Gobbol943

    Here's some lines for the 4th season.

    Camillot: Wow! I don't ever want to see a pencil ever again!

    Cleenz: So, vat do you vant. Murderer?!

    Dusk: Now form 5 teams of 5!

    Shade: Well, What IS the prize?!

    Shadow: Guys, We have to stick together!

    Dusk: So, I believe you 5 teams are all set to go?

    Meltus and Teslo: (Waving Tails) Wait! Hold on a second!

    Globert: (Giving a thumbs-up) Yep, They're all set to go!

    Season 4 will (Hopefully) be out February 28th!

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  • Mixingitall





    So, we know about the RP Masters. They're the ultimates in their aspect. But what about the other characters? And that's the point of this blog. Discuss.

    Time is "when"

    Space is "where"

    Reality is "how"

    Illusion is "what"

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    I finished calling all mixels i love how i manage to do it but i did! now I am making a special!

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    Kelly's pet!

    February 20, 2018 by MasterCheifKelly

    Today i bought myself a pet kitten Named Emily Jr. she now on my team she is a blond kitten with brown eye brows and brown curly hair she also has blue eyes just like my eyes she is a perfect pet hopfuly one of the mixels would love the cuteness!

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  • MixelRemix246

    This song is called 打打打打打打打打打打 (Striking Striking Striking Striking Striking Striking Striking) a Japanese song found in many Japanese rhythm arcade games.

    This song is in my heart and will give me heart disease if I don't listen to the song.

    If this is a new trend in this wiki, I swear it will be a cure to my heart disease.

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  • Mixingitall


    February 16, 2018 by Mixingitall

    The Hand Of The Punisher


    1,000 grams of IRON

    Rage Vessel + Blood of Libra + Right Hand of the Stigmata


    The Hand Of The Punisher is an interesting lil' thing. Its physical form is from the right hand of an alien king who was slain and was punished despite his near lack of sin. Its blood from a broken hero with the stars of justice arranged at his birth. Its essence of pure fury is from a doll who helped a young girl with her powerful feelings, but was sadly cursed and was now a vessel for her rage. When formed, The Hand of The Punisher seems harmless, but when in direct contact, the user is filled with sheer anger and craves justice. If they put enough effort into controlling their anger, the user can be very useful to their tea…

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  • KappaDash


    February 15, 2018 by KappaDash

    Lately, I have been noticing a rising problem that is negatively impacting this wiki.

    It is, in fact, treating new users like garbage.

    Not only are you making them feel unwelcome, but you are deleting their content.

    This is not only disrespectful but also unappealing and even a little bit prejudist.

    Deleting the content of new users is very rude. The only content that you'd delete from them is inappropriate content, then tell them WHY you deleted it.

    I uploaded many images and memes to both the Mixels and RWBY Wiki. Out of all the media, just one has been deleted because it was slightly inappropriate and an admin notified me about it.

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    My Love Child

    February 15, 2018 by MasterCheifKelly

    Messalina is Mesmo's, Flain's and Kelly's love triangle mix child She's a Wizstastic, Infernite and Specialist assistant child. She never like nixels but helps many Mixels. Messalina loves her Mom and dad even though​​​​​​ Messalina has some off their powers Kelly has specialist powers that means all mixel powers and Mesmo Wiztastic powers were shared to a special child. Each time she takes cubits from mesmo because she wants to make a cubit pyrmid so Messalina can play on Magical Preformance. Messalina was smart, adventurous, loves to go on the stage, helps mixels when needed and likes helping special mixels. Sometimes Zaptor shares his samwiches to her which thats nice on Hamlona Samwich Bandit.  She loves making magic for Magnifo, Wizwuz…

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  • Aps17

    Reader X EcksEcks Tashi

    February 15, 2018 by Aps17


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  • MixelRemix246

    Why am I very inactive?

    February 13, 2018 by MixelRemix246

    There are a few reasons for that:

    • School
    • Out of ideas
    • Lazyness
    • Too much stuff
    • Rest
    • And more
    • Cnuifrncr
    • Tydnovnudutgyvso
    • Uuroicutnourwucoiiwnonioxqss

    I don't know what to do since I returned here. I do have possible ideas, but which one, you decide.

    • Finish the Cupmixelmon series
    • Make more fanfics
    • Talk about my recent life

    Yeah that's just about it

    Any more ideas and recommendations? 

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  • Aps17

    Inspector Gadget x reader

    February 12, 2018 by Aps17

    You sat down on the your nice comfy couch and got your iPad. You then launched Minecraft and began to mess around inside this cube world of yours that you've spent countless hours surviving and creating abunch of cool buildings! You went into your inventory and placed down a few cobblestone blocks until Gadget showed up.

    "Are you playing Minecrap without me?" Said the robotic man.

    "Yes" you replied

    "And are you enjoying playing without me?"

    But before you say a thing, Inspector Gadget pulled his finger laser gun thing (or whatever you call it) and blasted mutiple lasers beams at you.

    "What an a**hole!"

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  • Aps17

    The Aps17 starter pack

    February 11, 2018 by Aps17
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  • Aps17

    Build up

    February 9, 2018 by Aps17

    (I will update this blog every now and then)

    • Glover
    • Woodman
    • WD Gaster
    • KyoKeo (Mixing)
    • Byou (Eastern Mind)
    • Proto with Rin's soul
    • 4 (BFDI)
    • Pacman (Here Comes Pacman)
    • Clippy
    • The Worm (Sweet Cuppin' Cakes) (Homestar Runner)
    • Kujira of Darkness (Chu-Teng)
    • SiIvagunner
    • Chou (Chu-Teng)
    • Woshua (Undertale)
    • Show-Mi (Eastern Mind)
    • Qrow (bird form, RWBY)
    • The Voice Inside Your Head (SiIvagunner)
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  • KappaDash

    Rip Knuckles

    February 5, 2018 by KappaDash

    And Uganda Knuckles

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  • Aps17

    Some ideas I have for my RPG

    February 2, 2018 by Aps17

    Here's a brief run down of a few ideas I have that I use for my RPG

    1. Having 4 planet masters, which are beings that protect/keep the planet in balanced.

    2. A character by the name of "Nio" who is a god/the creator of the planet and also the creator of the four planet masters.

    3. The game will most likely have more than 3 endings.

    4. A mention Tippy.

    5. Some mysterious being/figure

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    As i entered the Wiztastics tent Zorch who was on the right top row and Spinza on the left top row blast Confetti cannons as i shreaked  "Horray!" Mesmo cheers for Kelly. "Way to go!" Wizwuz said. "Umm whats going on?" I said in total confusion "your the 100th Customer of the Wiztastics show!" Magnifo said. "Who? Me?" i questioned. "yes you are your a lucky contestant." Magnifo said as he patted my back i felt really happy and suprised I never felt this before "Why are you celebrating this one?" I replied. "I am glad you asked you have visit the Wiztastic kingdom for 99 days and now we celebrate for your 100th visit." Mesmo said. "gee i dont know what to say guys." i said. "you should be kelly Vulk said as i looked even more suprised "Uhh …

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  • Aps17

    Judgement day

    January 30, 2018 by Aps17


    We will find out if Senate WILL or WILL NOT repeal Net Neutrality...

    Today (or tomorrow) could be the end of Internet...

    Or not...

    But if it does get repealed...

    I just wanna say...

    I love you all... (No homo)

    This Wiki is what made me who I am today, and without my friends, I probably wouldn't be here, such as but not limited to...

    Mixingitall (aka Mixing)

    KappaDash (aka the DaEpicFirestar)

    Lil' Freddy Fazbear (aka LFF)

    Snoof The Frosticon Mixel (aka Snoof)

    Gobbol943 (aka Gobbol)


    Zabo123 (aka Zabo) {The creator of this wiki}

    I could've done it without you guys...


    -Love, Aps17

    PS: If Net Neutrality does get repealed, at LEAST it'll kill BTM... And Keemstar... Maybe...

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  • Mixingitall

    Suggested videos game

    January 27, 2018 by Mixingitall

    Give me a video and I'll have to go to a video topic through suggested videos.

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  • Gobbol943

    My thoughts of RWBY.

    January 27, 2018 by Gobbol943

    II'm just gonna put this in five words...

    Best. Show. I. Ever. Watched.

    Same goes for RWBY Chibi, But much cuter.

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