Color Green
Position  ?
Series no. 9
Originated from Season Two
Likes  ?
Dislikes Nixels
Voice Actor  ?

Compax is a Trasho Mixel.



No alleyway or street gutter is too filthy for this enthusiastic, garbage-guzzling Trashoz tribe member. When Compax gets going, even parked cars and small trucks have been known to find their way into its digestive system. This is a Mixel of few words… well, only one word actually—“Crunch”!

Physical Appearance

Compax is a junk truck mostly green in color. He is designed to resemble a trash compactor. His mouth has three sharp teeth on the top, and two sharp teeth on the bottom. Resting on the top of him is is a single eye with a black toque on it. His back is mostly grey with a smokestack and a wheel on each side. His arms are long, with scoops replacing his hands.


  • He slightly resembles Kramm, because of his eye placement and the angle of his jaw.
  • He also slightly resembles Boogly due to the single minifigure eye and black toque.
  • His lower jaw is dark green in LEGO, whilst it is regular green in his animated form.
  • His name is spelled similarly to Cobrax's, with only two letters changed.
  • His design is somewhat similar to a LEGO Movie set released in 2014 named "Trash Chomper", as they both have arms with tools that can be used for cleaning, and the fact that his front is the place where you put the trash in.


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