Glomp is a Glorp Corp Mixel.



Glomp is an energetic and friendly Mixel. He has a very open personality and loves to play and hang out with other Mixels. He appears to be allergic to any routine and loves to mix up life by doing things crazily and differently. He is a loyal and strong leader, and is just as loyal and strong as a friend. He is always sick with a constant cold, but he tries not to allow it to hinder him in any way possible.

Physical Appearance

Glomp is mostly lime green in color. He has a round body that also acts as his face. His skull is capped with a darker green color with two dark green, cat-like ears on top. He has a single eye in the center, a very large lime nose that is constantly secreting slime, and a black jaw with two spaced-out flat teeth that point upwards. His arms are long and black with dark green hands and two lime fingers on each, which are tipped with slime. His legs are long and bowed. They have a lime accent starting at their top halves, grey accents in the middle, and the rest of his legs continue with a darker green color. His eyelids alternate between being dark green and lime green variously.


His snot can ricochet him in the air. He can store objects in his nose, and can also shoot objects from his nose.

Memorable Quotes

  • "All righty, Glurt, you ready to play?" - Glomp, Murp Romp
  • "That murp is destroying Mixel Park!" - Glomp, Murp Romp


  • He is the leader of the Glorp Corp.
  • His slime comes from his nose. He also stores cubits in his nose. It seems that he also can launch himself into the air with this slime.
  • Glomp is the Mixel who is in the Glorp Corp mini-game on the Mixels Cartoon Network website. Strangely, he is seen producing slime with his feet.


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