Color Red
Position Member
Series no. 8
Originated from Season Two
Likes  ?
Dislikes Nixels
Voice Actor Jess Harnell

Hydro is a MCFD Mixel.



No building is too tall for this firefighter. Hydro’s ladder neck, wheels, hands that shoot water jets and all-in attitude make this Mixel a key member of the MCFD team. If only Hydro wasn’t so forgetful… but don’t worry, somehow, some way, this multitasker always shows up to help fellow firefighters eventually.

Physical Appearance

Hydro is mostly red in color. He has four teeth; two on the top, two on the bottom. On the top of his head he has a set of siren lamps between his two eyes. He has two yellow sprayers as his hands. His mouth resembles a ladder. He has two different colors on his toe; blue and white. He has two wheels; one at each side of his feet.


He has two sprayers as his hands that can be used to spray water.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Never fear, reinforcements are here! But it could be a little high for this ladder." - Hydro, Nixel, Nixel, Go Away
  • "I'm not gonna mix with these doofuses!" - Hydro, Nixel, Nixel, Go Away


  • He is the only member of his tribe to have wheels.
    • This helps him resemble a firetruck.
  • He is the only member of his tribe to have both flat and sharp teeth.
  • He resembles Lunk.
    • However, instead of a neck he has a very elongated jaw.
  • He is one of the Mixels with the widest mouths, another being Krog.


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