Color Yellow
Position Leader
Series no. 7
Originated from Season Two
Likes Singing
Dislikes Nixels
Voice Actor Cree Summer

Jamzy is a Mixie Mixel.



Shaped like a classic Frender Mixokaster guitar, this Mixel was born to rock Mixopolis! Jamzy might have more confidence than talent, but this one-eyed character never stops trying to entertain. In Every Knight Has Its Day, he is shown as soft-spoken and relaxed, although he has a tendency to panic at times.

Physical Appearance

Jamzy has a large body that also acts as a head. He is yellow, wide, and he resembles a guitar. Nearly below his body is a purple, six-toothed mouth; three sharp teeth on his bottom lip and three sharp teeth on his upper lip. His gray eyestalk has stripes resembling guitar strings that lead to his headstock that houses three tuning keys and a single eye. His arms are purple and his hands are yellow, with a small portion below his hands. He usually is seen holding a microphone. On the back side of his body, there are two purple spikes. He has short, grey legs that lead to small, flat feet sporting a single purple toe.

Memorable Quotes

  • "There’s no time like the present." - Jamzy, Every Knight Has Its Day
  • "Hey, captain! You can’t murp anybody if you don’t throw the ball! Watch!" - Jamzy, Every Knight Has Its Day
  • "Wow. Some king you’ll be." - Jamzy, Every Knight Has Its Day
  • "You’re not supposed to do that!" - Jamzy, Every Knight Has Its Day
  • "Lead the way, Castle Boy! I’ve got your back!" - Jamzy, Every Knight Has Its Day


  • He is the leader, or lead singer of the Mixies.
  • He is the only member of his tribe to speak in Every Knight Has Its Day.


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