Krader is a Cragster Mixel.



Krader is as tough as his element. Despite his strength, he is not the brightest Mixel around, like his other Cragster brethren. However, he has a cunning streak that can be activated at the right moments. He is also unfortunately very prone to getting angry.

Physical Appearance

Krader is mainly grey in color. He has a squared head with an eye on each side. He has a dark grey tapering body, that houses two small black legs. His feet are black and wide at the ends, with gold triangular decorations at the toe. His arms are located on his head. His left arm is small and grey, which tapers out into a grey pincer hand. His right arm is a giant grey robot-like arm with a segment at the elbow, a black hand, and three grey fingers with segments at the knuckles. His mouth is very large and has a pair of buck teeth that stick out downwards. On the top of his head are four rocky decorations, two black eyebrow-like ones, a gold one in the center and a light grey one near the back. He also has a gold triangular stone on his back.


Krader has a large left fist, which is very powerful, and very useful for knocking out Nixels. His fist can act as a drill when spun, so he can quickly burrow with it.

Memorable Quotes

  • "But sometime work, sometime no." - Krader, Murp
  • "Mmmm... so good. Me want another." - Krader, Cookironi
  • "You burnt my south!" - Krader, Hot Lava Shower
  • "Yeah, yeah! Ice cream does make everything better!" - Krader, Hot Lava Shower
  • "Get under it, GET UNDER IT!" - Krader, Rockball
  • "New game, Mixelball!" - Krader and Flain, Rockball


  • He is the leader of the Cragsters thanks to his no-nonsense personality.
  • He digs by rotating his hand like a drill.
  • He is seen being injured the most out all of the Mixels: his buttocks were once burnt by a heated toilet that he was about to use, the Electroids once took Krader and constantly electrocuted him, and he once Murped with Flain, and then uncontrollably burnt himself while Murping.
  • Like Lunk, in the show, he is seen with buck teeth, while in his LEGO model he has "normal" teeth. Also, in his LEGO form, he has four teeth, but in cartoon he has only two teeth.
  • He is similar to Kramm, due to their large hands being similar in LEGO, they are both leaders that start with the letter "K", and they both have something to do with rock, where Kramm has rocky feet and Krader is based off stone.


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