Kraw is a Flexer Mixel.



Kraw is a very smart Mixel, with the drawback that he knows that he is smart and thus has a large ego. However, he does have moments of stupidity, often denying and forgetting that he had these moments until they are brought back up to him. He is a bit over-dramatic and has a tendency to yell and panic easily, making exaggerated facial expressions while he does this, which sometimes startles others that happen to be near him at the time.

Physical Appearance

Kraw is mostly orange in color. His body also acts as his head and is a semicircle. He has six orange sickle-like legs with black tips that stick off the ends. He has a large single eye near the top of his head and a large smile with eight flat teeth. Four of them are on each bottom and top lip. There are two small mustache-like tentacles above his lip. A black stripe is housed around his center, and two long, black tentacles come out of his sides.


His body is like rubber, he can bounce like a ball for height and attacks, and can use his tentacles to grab or catch things. He also has the ability to morph into a ball to attack.

Memorable Quotes

  • "To Mix, or not to Mix? That is the question." - Kraw & Gobba Mix, Vaudeville Fun
  • "That's no Nixel; that's my brother-in-law!" - Kraw & Gobba Mix, Vaudeville Fun
  • "What’ll we do? WHAT’LL WE DOOOO?!" - Kraw, Epic Comedy Adventure
  • "Get 'em!" - Kraw, Nixel, Nixel, Go Away


  • Being the leader of the Flexers, he has the longest tentacles out of all of them.
  • Along with Flain and Scorpi, Kraw is a very popular member of the Mixels and is often shown as a mascot and icon for various promotional materials. Coincidentally, he and Flain are the leaders of their tribes and the smartest out of their tribes, too. Scorpi is also a leader, although he is not known to be smart.
  • As shown in Vaudeville Fun, he often mixes with other Mixels instead of murping with them, as shown when he mixed with Gobba many different times. 
  • Epic Comedy Adventure is the first and currently only time he speaks alone without being a mix, or speaking in unison with another Mixel.
  • He is the weakest and the shortest of the Flexers, despite being their leader.
  • He currently has the most cartoon mixes, with twelve.
  • As shown in Nixel, Nixel, Go Away, there is more than one Kraw.


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