Color Grey
Position Member
Series no. 8
Originated from Season Two
Likes Coins
Dislikes Nixels
Getting stolen from
Voice Actor  ?

Lewt is a Pyrrat Mixel.



This treasure chest on crab legs can often be found waiting tables at the Pyrratz tribe’s Sea Dawg dinner theater. Even when off-duty, Lewt can never relax as the other pirates are always trying to steal those jewels in its mouth. That’s why this nervous creature’s eyes are always on stalks looking out for potential looters!

Physical Appearance

Lewt is mostly brown in color. He has two grey teeth on his upper jaw. He has stacked golden coins that resembles his lower jaw teeth. He has a handle as his nose and has a lock where it appears on his chest. His left arm resembles a golden claw, with his black and grey striped arm, whereas his right arm is brown as he is holding a gold coin. He has six gold colored legs, and grey and green striped eyestalks.


  • He has the same type of legs as Tapsy in his LEGO model.
    • Like Tapsy, Lewt does not actually appear in Series 8's respective episode. This makes them the only Mixels not to appear in the show.


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