Niksput is an Orbiton Mixel.



Niksput, despite being charming and having a high bravado along with being the leader of his tribe, has a slow mind. He has the tendency to say that he is up for anything, but only realizing later of the consequences of his actions and ending up terrified.

Physical Appearance

Niksput has a white body with a yellow-green underbite sporting two sharp teeth, two arms with white wings with red lights at the tips. Over the wings are yellow-green arms with black hands. His head has one cycloptic eye covered by a glass cover, and two yellow-green sides with white points underneath. He sports a black pompadour hairstyle with sideburns, and one jet-pack roaring with fire. His eyelids alternate between green and black.


Niksput can fly with his wings and jetpack.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Huh, is he threatening us?" - Niksput, Mixel Moon Madness
  • "It's the darkness!" - Niksput, Mixel Moon Madness
  • "Orbitons, let's Max!" - Niksput, Mixel Moon Madness
  • "Yo." - Niksput, Mixel Moon Madness
  • "Have no fear! Niksput has arrived! Together, the Orbitons are technologically undefeatable! So back, you would-be threatners! Don't even think about it! Prepare to feel high tech justice!" - Niksput, Mixel Moon Madness


  • He is the leader of the Orbitons.
  • He is the only cycloptic Mixel to date without a traditional ring-shaped pupil in his animated model. Rather, he has an extra highlight.
  • In LEGO, he has a jetpack, but in the cartoon, he has jet boots.
  • He likes to play Basketboard, but is not good at it.
  • He is the only Orbiton so far to not lend his voice to the tribe's Max in the show, despite being the Orbitons leader.
  • He was first teased officially through the Niksput: Mixels in SPAAAAACE!! Puzzle. The puzzle hinted the fact that Niksput is the leader of the Orbitons.


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