Rokit is an Orbiton Mixel.



Rokit always treats every task that he does as important, regardless of how important it actually is - just like a soldier does! This causes him to be easily annoyed by his tribe mates for not sharing this attitude. He is a daredevil in a way, as he was the only one who wanted to eat his own Rokit Sauce (which resulted in an explosion).

Physical Appearance

Rokit has a yellow-green body and a large underbite with three teeth pointing up over the body. The top of the jaw has two teeth underneath, and a head with two eyes sloping up to a glass dome with a golden slab beneath a grey T-shape tilted 90 degrees to the left, with a white highlight at the bottom. Jutting out of the back of his body is a grey jet-pack with a red tipped top. He has arms with grey backs, and yellow-green fronts with red sticks pointing out, and black hands. He has white feet with golden circular toenails.


Rokit has two arms that can blast streams of lasers.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Ten-hut!" - Rokit, Mixel Moon Madness
  • "You can run, but you can't hide!" - Rokit, Mixel Moon Madness
  • "Outside the protected high-tech walls of Orbitopia, way down below, in the deepest, darkest, cavern, lived the terrifying, mythical, GLOWKIES!!!" - Rokit, Mixel Moon Madness
  • "Who wants some more crater tots? Hot off the grill!" - Rokit, Mixel Moon Madness
  • "All right, troopers! Another batch of crater tots, hot off the grill! Any volunteers?" - Rokit, Mixel Moon Madness
  • "Welp, suit yourself." - Rokit, Mixel Moon Madness


  • He seems to have some sort of mechanical brain inside his dome. This also proves that Mixels do indeed have brains, and possibly other vital organs. At the same time, his dome is detachable from his head; as seen when it pops up sometimes.
  • His guns often switch between being hand-held and being connected to his arms.
  • He tends to call other Mixels "cadets", with the exception of Niksput, due to the fact that he is the leader. In his case, he calls him "sir". Additionally, he calls Nurp "little space cadet".
  • He seems to have taken a leading position in Mixel Moon Madness.
  • Rokit Sauce is named after him; thus, he probably invented it. He also appears to be the only one of his tribe to enjoy it.
  • Kuffs sounds similar to him, as they are both voiced by Phil Hayes.
  • Out of all the then-released Mixels, he had the most minor role in A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig, only being seen in silhouette form in the background of the Mixamajig congregation.


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