Scorpi is a Spikel Mixel.



Despite being a quiet Mixel, making insect-like squeaks most of the time, Scorpi is claimed to be quite a chatterbox. He is curious by nature, often tilting his head in interest to various things. When he gets excited, his already big puppy dog eyes can grow even larger and cuter. Unfortunately, despite all of his cuteness, he can be easily spooked, and often screams and scrambles away when something frightens him, often causing him to crash right into trouble.

Physical Appearance

Scorpi is mostly tan in color. His head is a slightly angular shape with two giant glistening eyes that sometimes gain silver irises. He has a semi-small mouth with sharp teeth. He has darker tan stripes on his cheeks. There is a black piece on top of his head with two dark tan curved points on top, and two sharper points on the sides of his head. His body is tan and rectangular, with a black stripe on the top and bottom of it. Two silver spikes are on each side of his body. He has eight small tan legs, with the back six ones having black tips, and the front two having silver ones. There are two dark tan spines on his back. On his rear is a grey tail with a tan tip that has two silver blades on it.


His tail is tipped with sharp knife blades that pierce others easily.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Aaah!" - Scorpi, Murp Romp


  • Along with Flain and Kraw, Scorpi is a very popular member of the Mixels and is often shown as a mascot and icon for various promotional materials.
  • He is the leader of the Spikels.
  • He has yet to actually talk in the show and has mostly made noises, like the Lixers.
    • This contradicts his personality, which claims he is talkative.
  • In several dubs, his screams are re-dubbed, yet his squeaks remain the same as in the original English version.
  • He is the first Mixel to have irises (silver ones, he sometimes gains them when his eyes grow larger).
  • In LEGO, he has only two teeth, but in the show, he has five.
  • He replaced Kraw on the Calling All Mixels app icon in Version 3.0 on August 28, 2014 in the game.
  • He and Spugg are the only returning Mixels to appear in Every Knight Has Its Day, although they only appear in a short transition.
  • His eyes are similar to Screeno's, though Screeno has different pupils in his cartoon form.


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