Sharx is a Pyrrat Mixel.



Join Sharx and crew aboard the Sea Dawg ship docked in Mixopolis Wharf for the city’s finest Pirates of Penzance-style musical show. This shark-headed Mixel has a barrel leg for hiding treasure and just loves to perform. If only the rest of the cut-throat Pyrratz shared Sharx’s enthusiasm!

Physical Appearance

Sharx is mostly grey in color. He has some prominent gums just under a large amount of teeth in his top jaw, which sticks out further than his lower jaw that only has two teeth. He has an eye on the left side of his head, while his remaining eye is covered with an eyepatch. His left arm is brown with a pincer hand, while his right arm is grey with a gold hook replacing his hand. His left foot is a black boot-like shape, while his right foot is replaced with a barrel-like peg-leg. He wears a black captain's hat with a yellow ribbon and a green bandanna under it.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Mix with a real pirate!" - Sharx, Nixel, Nixel, Go Away
  • "Say arr!" - Sharx, Nixel, Nixel, Go Away


  • He is the leader, or captain, of the Pyrratz.
  • In his animated design, his right hand is a grey arm with a hook, but in his LEGO model, his whole arm and hand is a gold hook.
  • He is mostly grey, unlike the other Pyrratz, who are mostly brown. This is because of him having a shark head.
  • In his LEGO model, his three front teeth are stacked on top of another three teeth piece. This is reminiscent of that of a real shark, because of their multiple rows of teeth.
  • In Nixel, Nixel, Go Away, he is given a golden cutlass that is similar to Skulzy's.
    • He is also missing his eyepatch.


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