Shuff is a Cragster Mixel.



Despite an adorable exterior, Shuff is still a Cragster at heart, and is a threat to Nixels everywhere. A little bit childish, Shuff holds a grudge fairly easily. However, he is a true and trusted friend to his fellow Mixels. Like the other Cragsters, he is not very bright, but he has brute strength and a cunning streak to make up for it.

Physical Appearance

Shuff is mostly grey in color. His body and head are one connected roundish shape. He has an eye on each side of his face and three fangs that point upwards from his mouth. He has a gold gemstone that sticks out of his head like a crown. His body has a noticeably rocky texture to it. His arms are black and widen at the ends. His hands are also black and pincer-like. His legs are short and black, and connect to boot-like feet. Both feet are grey and gold, but the colors are placed on random areas on them.


His body acts like a wrecking ball. When spinning around, he is able to burrow into the ground.

Memorable Quotes

  • "I buy now!" - Shuff, Mailman
  • "Pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up..." - Shuff, Mailman
  • "Guys, I have rock-solid plan!" - Shuff, Mailman
  • "Ballooñata!" - Shuff, Murp
  • "Yeah, yeah! Me gots cubit! Hamlogna sandwich? OOOH, ZAPTOR!" - Shuff, Wrong Colors
  • "Ooh! Harsh." -Shuff, Epic Comedy Adventure
  • "How many Mixels does it take to cross the road?" - Shuff, Mixel Moon Madness


  • He collects ceramic figurines. The ones he owns are Piranharex, Tigerscorp, Porciocobra, and (briefly) Teddy Butterfly.
  • He digs by spinning his body like a drill.
  • He has the deepest voice of the Cragsters.
  • He seems to have the best grammar out of the Cragsters, as seen in Mailman.
  • He is the weakest of the Cragsters.
  • His teeth are seen pointing upwards in his artwork, but his teeth in the LEGO set points forwards.
  • If one pauses quickly, they'll see that Shuff is the first Mixel to pop out of the side of the frame in the intro.
  • Some appearances, such as his "Upset" video, portray his backside as a flat surface.
  • For some reason, Shuff has tan pieces hidden inside him in LEGO, though the other Cragsters don't use tan.
  • He is the only of the main Cragsters to have not been referred to as a "Cragster Compadre" by Flain.


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