Color White
Position Member
Series no. 8
Originated from Season Two
Likes  ?
Dislikes Nixels
Performing medical procedures
Voice Actor  ?

Skrubz is a Medix Mixel.



A rolling emergency room medical kit, this Mixel is a key member of the Medix team. With an operating theater light and heart-starting defibrillator arms, Skrubz has the equipment to jolt any poorly Mixel back to health. There’s just one slight problem—performing medical procedures make squeamish Skrubz feel sick!

Physical Appearance

Skrubz is mostly white in color. He has a chair-like shape with four teeth in each jaw. His mouth is covered with a glass panel. His arms are mint with white pincer hands, each holding a defibrillation paddle. His eye is located on a long and grey neck-like piece, covered by an azure plate with four yellow lights surrounding it where its grey stem is on top of his upper jaw. He is on a set of four small, grey wheels.


  • His iris, of his eye, is large, similar to Scorpi's in cartoon form, but medium-sized in the LEGO model.
  • His wheels are black in the LEGO model, but grey in animated form.
  • The handles on his defibrillation pads are white in the LEGO model, but grey in cartoon form.
  • As shown in Nixel, Nixel, Go Away, there is more than one Skrubz.
  • Despite having the most screentime of the Medix, he does not have any lines.


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