Color Grey
Position Member
Series no. 8
Originated from Season Two
Likes Stealing valuables
Dislikes Nixels
Voice Actor  ?

Skulzy is a Pyrrat Mixel.



This one-eyed pirate with a wooden… well, plastic leg is always on the lookout for valuables to steal. That’s why dinner guests on the Pyrratz’ ship must always check their pockets (and Skulzy’s eye socket) before they leave. With this swashbuckling Mixel around, mutinous mischief is guaranteed!

Physical Appearance

Skulzy is mostly white in color. He has two flat upper teeth and a clam as his lower jaw. His left eye is covered by an eyepatch. He has a piercing on his right side of his head. He wears a bandanna. His right arm is longer than his left arm, and he holds a sword with his right arm. He has a wooden peg leg as the replacement of his left leg.


He is able to use his eye socket as a storage compartment.

Memorable Quotes


  • In his LEGO model, there is an opening behind his eyepatch where his gold coin accessory can be stored.
  • He appears to be wearing pants, as an official Mixels Facebook picture modifies his build to give him a Speedo-like swimsuit. This same build appears to confirm that he is not a strong swimmer, as he has to wear arm floaties.
  • He was missing his sword at the 2016 New York Toy Fair.
  • His face is on the Jolly Roger flag that the Pyrratz use.


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