Slumbo is a Frosticon Mixel.



Thanks to his cold climate, Slumbo is very lethargic and slow in his work. He is also the sleepiest and dreamiest of the Frosticons. He often works slowly with a bit of an attitude. Thanks to a lack of energy, it seems like most actions take everything out of him. It takes extremes to get certain emotions, like shock or anger, out of him. Otherwise, he is often unflappable and chilled out.

Physical Appearance

Slumbo is mostly light blue. His body, which also acts as his face, is a tapered down shape, with half-open eyes resting on top. There is a black stripe on the very top of his body, on which rests a light blue ice crystal on the middle. He has an underbite containing three sharp teeth. He has a darker blue fin-like extension on his back. His arms are dark blue and long, with black markings on the tops and bottoms. His hands are made of mitten-like jagged ice crystals. His legs are grey and short, with darker blue short feet with two light blue toes on each.


He has incredible strength, so he can hold large structures easily. He also has icy breath that can freeze things.

Memorable Quotes

  • "No more log... no more log toss! Hmph!" - Slumbo, Fang Gang Log Toss
  • "No more cubits." - Slumbo, High Five


  • He is sometimes mistaken as the leader of the Frosticons because he was seen on the Mixels logo and was first out of the Frosticons in set number.
  • Slumbo is very different compared to the other 2014 Frosticons: he lacks a nose and a neck, he uses different eyes than the others in his LEGO set, his "Upset video" does not show him crying, his name has yet to be spoken in the cartoon, he does not have bucked teeth, and his feet in his LEGO set are connected to his body differently.
  • His ice claw pieces would later be used for Krog's icy eye.
  • From a side view, Slumbo's eyelids in animated form still resemble the helmets used to invoke them in his LEGO set.
  • Many of his mouth-based emotions are hard to discern thanks to the fact the inside of his mouth is only slightly lighter than his black upper lip. His upper lip is navy blue in the set.
  • He is the strongest of the Frosticons. He is also the strongest of the entire Mixels race so far, even surpassing the abilities of Krader.
  • He and Flain both hate Log Toss.
  • He has the most cartoon murps, at three.


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