SnakeEyes is a Firey.






SnakeEyes is in a romantic relationship with Coiny the Coin. SnakeEyes will protect Coiny from anything, including Firey the Fire.

Mixingitall is SnakeEye's mother, shown as she constantly says "SnakeEyes is my son", but it is unknown how exactly the are related. Many point that Mixing is SnakeEye's adoptive mother, but it hasn't been confirmed.

Edgy Jareth is the leader of the Fire Gang in SnakeEye's universe. SnakeEyes is willing to listen to him, for fear of getting hit with the TorchBat.


  • SnakeEyes is canonically the first LGBT character in Tippy, and SnakeCoin is the first LGBT couple.
  • The relationship of Coiny and SnakeEyes is a reference to the BFDI pairing of Coiny and Firey, however, since SnakeEyes is a Firey, SnakeEyes was used instead of the BFDI Firey.

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