Color Red
Position Leader
Series no. 8
Originated from Season Two
Likes Yelling orders
Dislikes Nixels
Voice Actor Richard Horvitz

Splasho is an MCFD Mixel.



This walking fire hydrant is always in charge at the scene of a fire emergency. Splasho might move awkwardly and slowly, but this portly Mixel thinks quickly and is a great leader. That big mouth is ideal for yelling orders to fellow firefighters and aiming a powerful jet of water to extinguish the biggest fires!

Physical Appearance

Splasho is mostly red in color. He has a large and round mouth that makes up most of his body with four rounded teeth in it; two on the top, two on the bottom. On top of his mouth are two eyes, with a hydrant spout on top of them. He has two long arms with yellow details and red pincer hands. His legs are black and short, with angular red and black feet. He regularly carries a bucket with him. His animated model gives him a medium blue tongue.


He has a large mouth that can spew water.

Memorable Quotes

  • "I'd save him myself if I could just get up there!" - Splasho, Nixel, Nixel, Go Away
  • "Aw, you guys are all wet!" - Splasho, Nixel, Nixel, Go Away


  • He is the leader, or commander of his branch of the MCFD. However, like the MCPD, he has a higher leader that he reports to.
  • According to the LEGO website, he is the best friend of most of Mixopolis' citizens.
  • His LEGO description says he is 4" (11cm) tall, but he is closer to 3" (8cm) tall. A similar problem happens to Vampos.
  • In the show, his bottom is squared off, while his lips are made separate from his body.


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