Color Yellow
Position Member
Series no. 7
Originated from Season Two
Likes Drumming
Pulling pranks
Dislikes Nixels
Voice Actor  ?

Tapsy is a Mixie Mixel.



This quiet Mixel doesn’t say much—it’s only when it’s time for a drum solo that Tapsy truly comes alive. Move Tapsy’s arms with drumsticks and pretend to beat out a rhythm for the rest of The Mixies band.

Physical Appearance

Tapsy mainly resembles a living drum set with "The Mixies" on his bass drum skin. His body is mainly square-shaped. He has four crab-like purple legs. He also has four arms, to which all of them begin with a yellow accent and end with a purple color halfway with yellow hands each holding brown drumsticks. He has four grey cymbals; one set is attached next to his drum set body and his eyes are under two of them. He also has two sharp teeth acting as an underbite.


  • His arms are all the same length in his animated form, but in his LEGO model, his two front arms are shorter than his two back arms.
  • He is the only Series 7 Mixel who did not appear in Every Knight Has Its Day, save for the intro. Thus, he has the least screen-time out of any single Mixel so far tied with Lewt.
  • It is unknown if he is a child or not, as he has not been seen in Mixopolis Middle School in direct canon material; like his brothers have been.


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