What the heckin crud is this?

The Aps17 Guide to stuff contains everything you need to know about Aps17 or things related to Aps17, most of this is just memes, cringe, drawings, characters, Roleplays, OCs, and other stuff I couldn't put on here.


ayy m8

Aps17s Catchphrase, mostly used on chat as a greeting.

Pls (plz)

Pls (plz) is term of saying "Why did you do that?" Or "What were thinking while making this?!"


Aps17s way of saying Lol.

Meme replacement

Meme replacement is used when Aps17 wants to change the subject by talking about memes instead, Aps17 only does this when the current topic has to do with something nightmare and cringe inducing, such as horrific Fanart.

Heckin' frick

A term used by Aps17 to show anger or frustration.


In shock




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