Volectro is an Electroid Mixel.



Volectro is the most hyper and energetic out of all the Electroids. He gets easily excited over various things. His volume control appears to be broken, as his voice shifts up and down between speaking and yelling regularly. He also has the tendency to laugh easily.

Physical Appearance

Volectro is mostly yellow in color. His face acts as a body as well. It is squarish and widens at the bottom. At the top of his head is a gold static-charged spiky haircut. He has two small eyes that are closed together and separated by a grey band. He has a prominent lip with two fangs that point downwards from it. His arms are yellow, jointed, and long. His hands are gold, with two fingers with purplish-blue fingernail tips. His legs are shorter and light grey, with gold boot-like feet with a single yellow point on the toes. He also includes a gold point at the back of his body.


His electrical fingers can electrocute whatever he touches, and his static hair can cause various objects to stick to him, with the drawback that he is unable to decide what sticks.

Memorable Quotes

  • "I LOVE COOKIRONIS!" - Volectro, Cookironi
  • "Yeah! We're just preparing for the annual Electroid danzzzzzzzzzze party! AHAHAHA!" - Volectro, Electrorock
  • "KEEP RUNNING!" - Volectro, Wrong Colors
  • "Yeah! But this one's the WRONG COLORS!" - Volectro, Wrong Colors
  • "Rad fun! Rad fun!" - Volectro and Shuff, Wrong Colors
  • "LISTEN UP! It seems that Zaptor here has eaten all of the hamlogna sandwiches, and RUINED THE MIXEL FESTIVAL!" - Volectro, Epic Comedy Adventure


  • He is sometimes mistaken as the leader of the Electroids.
  • According to LEGO Mixels: Activity Book, his static hair charge is a sort of nervous tic that goes off when he gets upset.
  • His fingertips can light up like a flashlight in the dark. This has only been seen so far in the episode, Changing a Light Bulb.
    • As revealed in the same episode, both he and Zaptor appear to be afraid of the dark.
  • Volectro can shock himself so much that he can make fireworks. It is unknown if the other Electroids have this ability as well.
  • He is the only Series 1 Mixel who was not referred to by his name in the cartoon.
  • Out of all the Mixels in the cartoon, he has been mixed the most so far. 
  • He is the only Electroid to not use any lightning bolt-shaped pieces.
  • In the canon of the Activity Book, he has a pet Nixel named Nixie.


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