Wizwuz is a Wiztastic Mixel.



Wizwuz is the most wild of the Wiztastics. He's an assistant, but his hyper, lovable, and playful personality makes him act very open. Wizwuz loves all kinds of activities, from burping out magic to hanging off the ceiling to playing with his fellow Mixels. Wizwuz is a happy spirit, which is hard to change.

Physical Appearance

Wizwuz is mostly purple in color. He has a well-defined upper lip which has three sharp teeth and two eyes on top of it on each side of a purple rectangle that has two blue cat-like ears on it. His bottom lip is blue with a light grey bottom and two flat teeth with a gap in between. His body is purple with a shell-like top and a black stripe that connects it to his head. He has six black pointed legs, each with a silver stripe in the middle. He has a silver tail with a thick purple section that has purple points and a blue rectangle on its base. At the end of it is a silver hook.


His tail hook lets him hang from objects. He also has magical burps that let out a cloud of magical essence.

Memorable Quotes

  • ''Amazed.'' - Wizwuz, Murp Romp


  • He is the only Series 3 Mixel that cannot Mix on However, several unused Mix and Murp files were found in the site, suggesting that they were left out by error or simply cut out.
  • Despite not being in any of the episodes, he appears on the disc of the VCD.


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